Our Ministries


Christian Education


The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to further develop character, Christian faith enhancement and transform lives through God’s Word to assist in strengthening their relationship with Him and clarify each person’s purpose in life.



The Sunday Church School faithfully teaches God’s word in an environment of compassion and patience that ministers to the spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the church and seeks to save souls for Christ.



The mission of the Bible Study Ministry is to strictly study God’s Word and explore in-depth the Christian’s guidepost – the Holy Bible.  The goal is to become more Christ-like (disciples) so that they may help to transform others.



The mission of the Educational Support Ministry is to provide financial assistance to the church to promote learning and advancement in spiritual growth through Christian education.



The Scholarship Ministry provides financial assistance to dedicated students to aid and assist in the development of their advanced educational goals. 

Mime, Youth & Young Adult Ministries


The mission of the Mime Ministry is to magnify Jesus Christ and communicate His divine message through the interpretation of the gospel through movements of musical praise.



The mission of this Ministry is to equip and engage our youth by training them through God’s Word; building on the foundation already set and enhancing their spiritual and personal growth through interaction, teaching creativity and presentation so they may positively impact the church and community.


Evangelism & Missions

Evangelism Ministry is the heartbeat of the Church and Community and seeks to save souls and to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God’s word.


The Ushers provide a welcoming atmosphere to worshippers, seek to serve the needs of the congregation and ensures Christian decorum in the house of God.

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Music Ministries

Voices of Praise

Voices of Praise is a mixed group of devoted worshippers of Jesus Christ engaging congregants to worship through administering traditional hymns and songs of praise, special choral presentations and featured soloists, setting the pace and a spiritual tone for worship.

Gospel Chorus

The Gospel Chorus is a group of strong committed vessels of God and sets an elevated atmosphere of worship and praise through music and song. 

They present a mix of old and new musical renditions to set an atmosphere of high praise and solemn worship to enhance the service while edifying the body of Christ.

Men’s Choir

This Chorus is open to all men for the purpose of uplifting God and edifying the name of Jesus Christ through music and song, to adorn and enhance the worship service and to inspire other men and all people to come to Christ. 

Children/Youth Choir

This Choir of young worshipers provides a place to channel their talents and abilities while learning to engage in worship unto God through music and song.  This ministry provides an educational experience that imprints worship and praise music in their hearts that can last a lifetime.

Brothers & Sisters Fellowship


The Brothers Fellowship Ministry brings brothers together in a Bible based setting for growth in Christianity, personal motivation and to cultivate man’s special place of leadership and contribution as called by God.



The Sisters Fellowship Ministry brings sisters together in a Bible based setting for personal motivation and growth in Christianity to enable strong discipleship through Christ and mentoring one to another. 


Adult Ministries


The mission of the Nurses Ministry is to provide first responder on site assistance in case of a medical concern or emergency and to promote personal habits and activities that positively affects well-being.



The Flower Ministry provides appropriate seasonal and occasion floral arrangements for the aesthetics and beautification of the House of God and to physically enhance the environment for worship services, programs and special activities.



The Hospitality Ministry’s mission is to extend a warm and inviting personal welcome to visitors, record their information, introduce them to the congregation, and conduct follow up.



The mission of the Visitation Ministry is to visit and minister to members who are sick and shut-in, to administer Holy Communion and to keep the church informed.



This Ministry provides spiritual and physical interaction for the ladies of the church and community to fellowship, have fun in a safe and welcoming environment while working to positively impact their physical well-being.